Social Entrepreneurs are innovative leaders incorporating “Mission” and “Purpose” into the structure of their business models, utilizing the momentum generated by the entrepreneurial spirit to tackle a pressing social issue.

PLAYBACK SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS® is broadcast on PBS stations nationwide in the United States. Check local listings or contact your local PBS broadcaster for times and dates, or to request the show in your viewing area.

Yes, the first episodes of PLAYBACK SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS® are available to stream on AMAZON PRIME. International broadcasts will be announced at a later time. A special edition DVD of the first episodes is available for purchase from Dreamscape Media as well as on Amazon.

VOYAGE® Productions is engaging with all stakeholders through events and outreach. Please feel free to contact us via our CONTACTS PAGE for more information on our upcoming episodes, events and more.

Our production team is constantly engaged in researching and producing new programming to expand the scope and reach of our show. All stakeholders are welcome to participate by promoting the show and the innovators that we report on. Corporate partnerships are available for those meeting our criteria and aligned with our mission and principles. We welcome those who want to participate by helping us to raise awareness and promote CSR, Sustainability and to make a positive Impact.

PLAYBACK SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS® is the first broadcast television series solely focused on the issues of CSR, Sustainability, ESG and Impact Investing; and is establishing a new platform to report on and promote the innovators and leaders driving the future of this sector.

Stay tuned through our social media and contact us to learn how you can be involved in the future of social entrepreneurship.