Series Premiere- Episode 101- Healthcare

Wheelchair Accessible Transportation and the Ride-Share Economy

Playback Social Entrepreneurs kicks off its Premiere Episode with an in-depth report into the ongoing debate over whether Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft are meeting their obligation to provide fair access to Wheelchair Accessible Transportation, or shirking their legal obligation to do so. This issue was brought to light by recent lawsuits filed by CLASP, the City of Chicago, Washington, DC and more on behalf of Seniors, Veterans and handicapped passengers who rely on wheelchair accessible transportation to lead their lives. Taxi services, limo services and other forms of transportation are required by the American Disabilities Act to provide fair access to the disabled. However, by claiming that they are simply software companies, ride-share corporations are seeking to avoid any responsibility to serve disabled populations; leaving them with diminishing choices as those services increase their share of the marketplace.

PLAYBACK SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS follows the driver of a wheelchair accessible taxi and one of his customers, an active Senor in a wheelchair, who relies on the services provided by WAV's to live her life with dignity. While the legal arguments continue, we look at the real world ramifications: on the economics affecting drivers, the marketplace and the social impact on the disabled community


Each Episode of PLAYBACK SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS features a profile of a celebrated Social Entrepreneur who has lead the way in advancing awareness and implementation of businesses that function effectively, and with purpose.

Our first profile is of famed businessman and innovator, Jeff Skoll. The first President of Ebay, he has since gone on to found Participant Productions, the Skoll Foundation, Skoll World Scholars and more.

Over a decade ago, Jeff Skoll was one of the first business leaders to promote the value of having a mission for his businesses that promoted innovation and profitability as well as producing positive change, social responsibility and making an impact.

Today, he is one of the most celebrated Social Entrepreneurs, through his work producing leading Hollywood entertainment with Particpant Productions as well as the Skoll World Foundation.

See him describe his journey in his own words in PLAYBACK SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR'S PLAYER PROFILE.


In Egypt and the Middle East, opthamology is one of the most desperately needed services for public health. An inordinate number of Egyptians suffer from vision problems, some caused by the environment, others by nutrition and pollution. One organization trying to fill the gap in need is the Magrabi Organization. Founded by an opthamologist, they have built a series of High-end international quality Hospitals throughout Egypt and the Middle East. These hospitals feature state of the art facilities and can provide intenrnational standards of surgery and care for their patients. At the same time, the Al-Noor Magrabi has also developed a network of eye care clinics to help those who are unable to afford to be treated at the Hospitals. These clinics are staffed by the same doctors, and with the same standard of care as the Hospitals, offering everyday Egyptians the option of having their vision fixed on a sliding payscale that takes into account what they can afford. This Socially Responsible business model is designed to make top level medical service available to people of all income levels.

Meet the doctors and executives who have created this multi-pronged approach to public health, as well as the patients whose lives have been transformed by accessible eyecare.

PLAYBACK SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS is now available for purchase as a Special Edition DVD from Dreamscape Media as well as AMAZON and also, to be streamed on AMAZON Prime

PLAYBACK SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS is now available for purchase as a Special Edition DVD from Dreamscape Media as well as AMAZON and also, to be streamed on AMAZON Prime